Saturday, March 14, 2009

Who is Humanely more Important???

I know that I shouldn't blog when I am angry, but I am very angry today. While waiting for my younger two children to sell Girl Scout cookies at a local grocery store, I sat down with my snack and the morning paper hoping for a brief period of relaxation. Then I look at the front page of the NW Friday section of The Seattle Times and there it is, "Brown Execution Delayed." Great.

Cal Coburn Brown was convicted of kidnapping 22 year-old Holly Washa in May of 1991. He car jacked her at gunpoint near the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, took her to a hotel room, and repeatedly raped, tortured, and slashed her until she was dead. He then dumped her body in the trunk of her car. Cal Coburn Brown admitted to killing Holly in this manner and now his execution is stayed because the drugs that they would use to execute him may by inhumane if they don't work correctly.

Excuse me? Inhumane? Torturing, slashing, and raping a person for thirty some hours is hardly a humane way to die. They have the monster that committed this heinous act, he admits his guilt, and now they are worried about how him dying in a humane manner? I have other suggestions on how best to rid the earth of this creep, but I might be considered deranged were I to describe them in my blog.

I take the "gray side" when it comes to capital punishment. I am not always for it. In this circumstance, I am adamantly for it. This man deserves to die. Yes, he says that he is sorry. Is he sorry because of what he did or sorry because he got caught? People who are capable of committing torture crimes don't come by that ability over-night, it is unlikely that the desire to commit such a crime again would subside through the simple act of being sorry. Personally, as a resident of the state of Washington, I don't want this man free on our streets and I think a lethal injection, humanely administered or not, is the only way to prevent him from freely roaming our state or any other part of the country ever again.

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