Sunday, March 22, 2009

So Many Movies, So Little Time

I visited my favorite local video store today. I swear is there nothing that Scarecrow doesn't have in stock? Even very far fetched and out-of-distribution movies have been found there. I don't make it into the store as much as I would like, When in there, I feel like I am a kid set free in a candy store, "I want to see that and that and that!" It never ends. This is today's list.
1) 9 1/2 Weeks (uncensored and unrated version, much better)
2) Aerosmith Live, Texxas Jam '78
3) Bottle Shock ( I have hear that it is just as good or even better than Sideways)
4) Lennon Legend ( I tried to watch it today, makes me depressed, even thirty years later, that John Lennon was shot down by a lunatic in his prime. I love his music)
5) The Stones in the Park (I will be renting more Stones videos, as there are so many and I do love them)
6) That Night in Toronto (I am in love with the Tragically Hip all over again)
So that's a wrap, I am on a movie roll. I wonder how long I can keep this up. Sometimes I am on a book roll, sometimes a writing roll, sometimes an outdoor roll, now a movie roll, hmm... I wonder what will be next.


Kristine said...

Where is that store? (And, I can relate to the title of this entry...)

Megs said...

I would like to watch the stones in the park with you Karen my dear!
i just invited you to a thursday morning round table brunch at my place this week! if you're not working and feel like being around smallikins ... you're welcome!
and i am looking forward to seeing you sunday evening!!

much love