Monday, March 30, 2009

Bikini Body

So this is the new body of Valerie Bertanelli. I haven't read the article, I'm sure that it is scintillating, but I have heard that she lost weight by eating 1200 calories a day and exercising of course. The exercise part is easy for me, it is the calorie reduction that seems challenging. That is not very many calories. I envy the discipline it must take to accomplish that, I would love to have that discipline. Now that she has done it, will she be able to keep the weight off? would be encouraging to all of us forty-something women if she could manage to do this. Sometimes I think about dieting, I do try and eat healthy and I exercise, but 1200 calories a day, that means that I would probably have to reduce my wine consumption more than I would like, I am just not sure that I would ever have the willpower to accomplish that.


Megs said...

Funnily enough, just this morning I pinned a photo of myself, tanned and skinny, in a bikini leaning on a plane in Tahiti, to inspire me NOT to eat as much! I have been trying to diet since boxing day, that's 3 months, and failing miserably. it was more fun when i just ate and didn't feel guilty! maybe you and i should go on a 'wine only' diet! which would suit our 'whine only' families!!!!
ooo - let's go to India in 2011!

Loud Larry said...

According to a dry red glass of wine contains 83 calories.
A tall non-fat latte has 86 calories. A Dicks Deluxe sports 540 calories.
By my calculations you can match Valerie Bertonelli’s caloric intake of 1200 calories per day by limiting your consumption to;
One latte for breakfast, one Dicks Deluxe for lunch and two glasses of wine for dinner…OR fourteen glasses of wine throughout the day. I like choice B.

Fun exercise facts; according to, an exercise website, aggressive love-making burns about 250 calories an hour. By aggressive they refer to actual intercourse non-stop.
This equates to about 4 calories per minute or in terms of calorie imbibing choices, one hour of sex mitigates three glasses of wine.
See how a little perspective can make dieting and exercise fun?

Pete said...

Still a little chubby.... LOL

Benjamin Ady said...

does non-stop intercourse burn equal categories for each partner i wonder?


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hi there. thanks for dropping by my blog :D I see that I'm in your blog list too ;)

yeah..valerie looks great on the cover. for me, 1200 calories a day is ok. i'm on a diet too and only eat 2 meals a day. the exercise part is a challenge though. i don't like to do that. yeah, i know..that's bad but i'm a lazy bum :D

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