Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aches and Pains

Yesterday I had a freak accident. I was reaching with my right arm to hoist my rather heavy computer/writing bag from the driver's side to the passenger side of my car and with this action came the most significant pain in my scapula that I had ever felt. Seriously, this little movement handicapped me, I couldn't even breathe.

The kids were loaded in the car and I was taking them to camp at the church across the street. During this two minute drive I realized that I wouldn't be able to "tough it out" or "work through this pain" and I was going to have to call work for which I was already running quite late. I dropped the kids off and sat in the parking lot calling work in a barely audible breathy voice. It was just too much to explain the freakishness of this whole thing. As I sat I couldn't get comfortable in any position. I occurred to me that I probably wouldn't even be able to make the short drive across the street to home. I rang my husband fifteen times from my cell. I knew that he was home sleeping, how could he not hear a constantly ringing phone?

As I became increasingly more uncomfortable and sweaty from my labored breathing and the intensifying heat of the day, I had another realization, that I would need to drive myself home. I parked in front of our house and laid on the horn long and loud. My elderly neighbor later told me that she new that I was in distress and thought that surely my husband would have come out to get me, but no, the "log" snoozed on. I crawled, walked out of the car and pushed the doorbell long and hard and that finally got his attention.

The excuse? He didn't hear the phone, I guess that it wasn't ringing in the bedroom and he thought that all of that loud horn-honking was for the kids to get them out of the house to get going. Once I stumbled into the house, he became helpful. Out of guilt? Probably. Instead of spending the day writing and getting other things done, I spent the day going to the doctor and massage therapy so that I could move again.

The curative process worked and I am much better today, only a minor shoulder pain that I hope will go away soon. A weird, wacky day to be sure, not the kind of thing that I would like to experience again ever.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Award? Who Me?

Thanks Kristine at "Light and Shadow" for passing on a "Versatile Blogger" award to me. I have been off-line as well and little bright spots like awards from friends make me want to get back on. Thanks for the new blog recommendations as well.

Summary of July

I haven't been to my blog space in so long, I almost don't recognize it. Maybe it is that I needed a break, or maybe I have just not felt like writing much for myself this summer. I am writing for someone else, but that is different, my creativity in regards to writing what I want and when I want to write it has been somewhat sapped as of late.

July has been a month of travel. Nothing fancy, just trips to the mountains and coast. I have done major amounts of reading and spent equally major sums of money at the bookstore. Lately I have been doing a better job of using the public library. It is just that there is so much out there to read and some of it I want to read right away and not deal with the waiting. July has also been a month for friends and I have enjoyed going out with people and seeing some friends that I haven't seen for a long while. The other thing about July is that it is finally summer here and the weather is hot and I have no complaints.

I think that my break is done and I am ready to blog again. It is odd, but I find that I attend better and actually get more accomplished when I take that time to write. It is a bit like therapy for me. What is it about us humans that always seems to make us want to avoid doing what is best for us?