Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Australia Movie

I watched the movie "Australia" a couple of nights ago. I started it kind of late, the plan was to watch a bit of it and then save the rest of the next day. Instead the man pictured above kept me awake enough to watch it all in one late night! Every time that I would start to doze off, Mr. Jackman would appear and I would find myself suddenly wide awake once again. My wonderful friend, Meg, who is from Australia (amongst other countries), joined me the following evening to see the last 45 minutes, which she had missed and wanted to see. This was great because, in addition to seeing Mr. Jackman again, I also got some "inside" information on Aborigine culture, the white Australian response to it, and tidbits about Australian culture and geography which helped me to understand and appreciate the movie above and beyond Mr. Jackman's appearance in it.

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