Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lifetime by, Myself

How is it that
we survive this
life managed timeline?

From cradle to grave
our connectedness to
the earth, one another
is both the source
of our solace and
our undoing

Life stages as they
come thus far,
seem doable, loveable
times to look forward
to and pieces of
myself to give

I hunker down now
in dread as I
watch age ravages
overtake the parts
of my body that I
once loved

Can I do this?
let go of the old
self, physical
and embrace

The new, aged version
yes, I think that I
can grow to love this
new body with carved
roadmaps to my soul

It is the mind that
I hold dear, the mind
that I most cherish.
Will the blue-dye
tinged hair erode
what I most love
about me?

Where will I go?

It is during these
moments of reflection,
that I would most
like to believe in
re-incarnation, a heaven
Where I will be whole again-
my body, mind,
and me

This new stage forthcoming
does not ask that I
tread lightly into it.
It is from this stage
Last that I will not
return. I will go
completely through it
until my final end.

I can hope to be graceful
find love and embrace
life. It is harder on
this timeline of ending
to see what, when, and
where will become of

Peaceful rest
Peaceful soul
I have never.


Loud Larry said...

Your poem is a truly haunting assessment of a disturbingly more present scratch in my montage of thoughts before I succumb to sleep.
“Belief in our mortality, the sense that we are eventually going to crack up and be extinguished like the flame of a candle, I say, is a gloriously fine thing. It makes us sober; it makes us a little sad; and many of us it makes poetic.”
I don’t know who said it first. I paraphrased it. I’ll own it.

Kristine said...

Thanks for sharing this! It's really good! (And I feel like they are my own thoughts...)