Monday, March 9, 2009

Ski Day

Here's to a great day skiing with the girls! Maryam and Megan you were wonderful. The powder, glimpses of sunshine, and beautiful mountains were marvelous as well.


Loud Larry said...

Three overdressed snow bunnies neat in a row
Spring skiing style has reached a new low
Snow fashion gone wrong, when nary a thong
In sight is the plight of this voyeur’s delight

Benjamin Ady said...

Loud Larry, I suggest you try the beach??!!!!

Karen and Maryam, it was delightful spending the day with you in the snow! I'm loving this idea of a writing retreat with the three of us and the wonderful Monica, who really deserves to win every writing contest she enters!

Here's to us being on display at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival!!!!!