Monday, March 2, 2009

Being Hands On...

I have always admired people who are hands-on, working hard and right in the middle of things. That is one of the aspects of National Public Radio (NPR) reporting that I have always appreciated, the interviews with the people that are really there in the thick of it. I appreciate and value that kind of reporting.

In my line of work I am hands-on. This blog entry is not intended to be a testament to my admiration of myself. Believe me, I always think that I could do better. I am more impressed with my friend Dawn's work and her latest blog entry at Dawn is one of those people that I admire who is in the thick of it probably more than I will ever be because she is truly on the front lines. I think that this is a beautiful testament to what it means for professionals who "see it all" every working day.

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