Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whew! What a Busy Weekend!

This has been the busiest weekend that I have had in a long time. While I have enjoyed it, I am also finding myself missing the relaxation time that I usually get on the weekend. The weekend started off with a Friday night creative writing group meeting. I loved what everyone read, such creativity, such talent in our little group and I am not talking about me!

On Saturday, my "babies" turned seven. We had a small birthday party with a few of their friends. The lovely little ladies had their nails painted and then went for lunch. The evening was a family affair, a restaurant of their choosing which would be Chuck E. Cheese or Charles E. Cheddar for the more sophisticated among us. My mom and I took the kids and met my husband there. After a quick bit of food, I was feeling assaulted by all of the noise, noise, noise. Of course the kids all thought that they had died and gone to heaven. My husband didn't want to be left alone in this crazy venue. Fortunately my neighbor showed up with his kids and saved the evening.

My mom and I came home and watched a fantastic movie called "Frozen River." The movie is about a woman who is down and out on her luck, she can't afford the balloon payment on her double wide trailer. She lives in Northern New York state near a Mohawk reservation. An odd match is stuck between this woman and a young Mohawk woman as they join the business of human smuggling. Quite a terrific film if you are into movies about real life.

This morning bright and early, I shuttled my eldest child off to sing in the children's choir, we went to church, then out the brunch, and then went and saw PNB's performance of "Swan Lake." The performance was spectacular, the ending was enough to give one goose bumps.
Tonight I am off to dine with my wonderful friend Kathy whom I have not seen for many months. Then I will come home and collapse into bed ready to start a new week!


Loud Larry said...

The Chuck E. Cheese in Susquehanna Township Pennsylvania was the scene of a violent altercation last week between five women and a minor, all of whom were arrested. One of the women involved was pregnant. A video of the fight was posted to YouTube but has been removed.

WGAL says that this is the 12th time this particular Chuck E. Cheese has had to call the police to calm everybody down.

Growing up in New York City, we didn't have Chuck E. Cheese. I didn't miss it because, well, the pizza sucks. But clearly those places are dangerous. says that the incident continues what "police describe as a disturbing and bizarre crime trend: escalating violence among adults at a place designed for children's birthday parties."

Twelve calls to police in one year does seem like a lot. But I don’t know if I'd call it a "trend", since all of those problems were at the same place. The Susquehanna Cheesery has hired a police officer to be on site every Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully that will get the adults to behave themselves.

I've seen bad parental behavior, but nothing quite like what these articles describe. Anyone seen grown-ups behaving badly at kiddie establishments recently? Is this a trend?

Source: WGAL,

Moonaroo said...

I believe that parents have been bahviong badly at childrens sporting events for a number of decades now.

Loud Larry said...

You are correct Divine Monnaroo,
Parents behaving badly at kid’s sporting events are nothing new. I expect it’s only a matter of time before I’m involved in a bench clearing brawl. The Charles Edward Cheddar angle intrigues me. Posting a cop on premises on the weekends is pretty scary. I wonder if these incidents inspired the prohibition and ID tactics at the local CEC?
The new policy is; they record your DL # then allow you only one glass of beer or wine every two hours.
Please, I need to knock back a couple just to think about going there!