Monday, April 27, 2009

Favorite Pictures

These guys are raunchy and kind of crazy, all part of my mid-life crisis, I love 'em. They are coming to town again on May 27th. I'll be there!


Loud Larry said...

Mad Wife Crisis
by Loud Larry

A wife I know is on a streak, she does more in an hour that most in a week.
She’s gangbusters, dust busters, gut busters.
Family priority, giving majority, thankless minority
Appreciation wears thin, given by feckless men
Who expect her to thrill us, when half her age bimbos entice us
She’s on the verge, on a ledge, against a wall and ready to fall
Into the reckless abandon of a Mad Wife Crisis
No sports car will do nor any amount of new shoes
What darling craves now won’t be found in a mall
Mad wife can’t disguise her clinical malaise
Her cure du jour are New York Dolls
Personality crisis, heartache and frustration
The Dolls wail, her dramatic self doubt sails
This is not her middle years transition you ass
It’s her passion, her fortress, her power on call
You are her question, Her answer;
New York Dolls

Moonaroo said...

Well done Loud Larry, Well done.