Saturday, April 4, 2009

Timberline Lodge Mt. Hood

Here is a nighttime view of historic Timberline Lodge at the foothills of Mt. Hood. My kids and I had a great ski day here today. The weather was so gorgeous that they kept the mountain open an extra hour for skiing. A bit of wind at the top kept us all challenged and it was overall a wonderfully enjoyable day.

I remember coming to Timberline Lodge as a child. Skiers still hung out in the old building then and trashed the beautiful wood floors by clomping around in their ski boots. The huge fireplaces in the middle of the upper and lower levels were always enticing. Nowadays there is a sturdy day lodge nearby for skiers and Timberline has been restored to its former 1930's beauty and it is primarily a hotel. They were getting ready to celebrate a wedding there today, what a scenic place to get married in. I am betting that the wedding party wasn't expecting such a high level of snow in April. The snow level today is about what it is in this middle of winter photo.

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Benjamin Ady said...

how fun karen! i wish you were here, i need to have a good complain, moan, grumble... you are such an understanding friend!

want to ski with me at snoqualmie pass on easter? or the thursday before?