Friday, April 3, 2009

Organic Farming Vacations

Yesterday, while waiting at an appointment for one of my daughters, I read about an organization called WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities in Organic Farming) The premise of this organization is to provide food and lodging in exchange for a bit of labor around farms all over the world. Before I explored the website, I thought that it might be limited to tent camping on a farm and six hours or more of labor per day. Normally I don't mind tent camping, but I have a small rodent aversion and the thought of tent camping on a farm brings to mind mice and rats nibbling near where I sleep after dark. I don't think that I could tolerate that, people who know me well know that I probably couldn't tolerate it at all. After reviewing some of the opportunities I was encouraged. Many farms offer accommodations and some require only 2-3 hours of labor per day. The farms differ in amenities offered, some are family and pet friendly and some are not. I have only viewed opportunities in states near to me. I figure that if we ever did do something like this as a family, I would want to try out something nearby before travelling across the country or abroad on such an endeavor. Meanwhile, the opportunity to travel as a family to interesting destinations for less does look inviting.

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Megs said...

can't wait to wwoof with you! i am laughing, remembering you and Maryam climbing on the table when the mouse came to writing group, whilst Monica and I stayed oh so calm.............

amazingly, i havne't eaten the chocolate for you all at writing group ... yet?!