Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Hunger is Very Real

I have read the advertisements over the years, posted mostly on buses by Northwest Harvest, urging us all to "end summer hunger." It is true, food banks and donation bins are inundated around the holidays, food drives taper off during the summer, it just doesn't seem to be on the minds of most people. This summer I have made donating food my number one method for giving back to my community, "Why?'' Well, think about it, summer means the end of free lunches for many children in our country. In some cases the end of school means the end of two meals, breakfast and lunch, that are served for free during the school year. The children that qualify for reduced fee or free meals at school are often the same children who have families that "grocery shop" at the local food bank. Thinking about an easy way to give to your community, think about helping to stock food banks with "kid friendly" breakfast and lunch food this summer.

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