Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fuel Efficient Small Sized Cars, Here We Go Again!

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I had half an ear tuned to the local public radio station. Normally I enjoy listening to this station, I feel like it has the least biased presentation of the news. As I was half listening, I heard something about the development of a new fuel efficient car, the presenter emphasized that the car was small and added that it is important to add more fuel efficient small sized cars to the market. That may be so, especially if you are single or part of a childless couple and only need to think about transporting yourselves to and from work. What about those of us with three children and extra kids to carpool too and from and hither and yon? Now I do realize that there are at least a couple of fuel efficient cars in the "larger" car category. I have looked at them. They are perfect for a family with one child or two children who have no friends and don't participate in activities that require carpooling. Another problem with these "larger" cars is that they don't have enough space for travel, or at least some types of travel like, for instance, camping. I can't imagine a family and five and all of their gear crammed into one of these things. One of the ways that I can contribute to saving natural resources is by carpooling. After adding my own three children to the car, if there isn't room for an extra kid or two I can't do this. Great, another small sized fuel efficient car on the market, I won't be getting excited about it or paying any attention to the criticism levelled at SUV's or mini vans until they make a fuel efficient car that comes in a size that fits my family.


Secret said...

I can just imagine - you and hubby in a Prius, with a tether behind of three little Smart cars in a row, like a metal & plastic duck family. quack quack

Loud Larry said...

By: LoudLarry

I luv my SUV despite the MPG; It fits my fam-i-ly; rocks my friends U C, w/ my DVD.
Sits 6 com-fort-ably, ride above the ol’ lady goin’ 2wice as slow smokin’ Marl-bor-o
XM-a-crackin’ my tunes day ain’t slackin’
In da car pool I’m floatin’ not in da slow lane a-dote-n; in fact I’m-a-gloatin ’w/ my trailer I’m-a-totin’
Flyin hi as da miles go by…
my warmin’ ain’t global in my rig that’s so noble
Dis is da way to go in my big Tahoe; not in your tiny-go-slow
Envi-ron-ment-ally friendly, that o-ffends me
My SUV defends me

Moonaroo said...

Secret, that is a great visual. My husband is an expert knot tier (if there is such a word) perhaps the ducks should try this out.