Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Predatory Speeding and Raves to Neighbors

In our local newspaper there is a section for rants and raves. I have often wanted to send something their way, but never seem to find the time or remember to do it when I might have the time. Today I want to send someone near my neighborhood a huge "Rave."

As I have blogged about before, there is often a speed trap on my route home from work. I usually get off early in the afternoon and the speed trap is usually not there until later in the day, the volume of traffic increases at that time and they can potentially catch more speeders.

Now I seriously do not harbor any disrespect for law enforcement officers. I do, however, have a serious complaint about predatory speed traps. This one is a great example. It is set right near a juncture where the residential street turns into a non-residential street and is literally a block away from the speed sign that changes the speed from 30 mph to 35 mph. The speed trap is also placed at the bottom of a very steep hill.

Today I send a big Rave to the person who used a sharpie marker to write "Warning, speed trap ahead" on a piece of cardboard and post it at the four-way stop a block from where the speed trap usually begins. Now here is a person who lives in the neighborhood that the speed trap is supposedly designed to protect and they go home, grab a piece of cardboard out of recycling, find a sharpie marker, and post the sign all in the name of public service.

Let's compare this to my neighborhood, one where a speed trap would greatly increase the safety of the residents. The street that runs parallel to the one we live on is often used as a cut through for motorists trying to find a short cut to the highway during rush hour. And do they ever speed. This is a 25 mph neighborhood, all residential, and never-ever a cop in sight. I believe that most of the speed traps in our area are not set up for the safety of the citizens, they are set up solely to make money and I really just can't respect that.

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