Monday, June 15, 2009

Monsters vs Aliens Movie

So I finally took the kids to see the "Monsters vs Aliens" movie. One of my daughters has been pestering me to see this movie for sometime. We were able to catch it at a local discount theater, one of the last places that it seems to be available to us here on the big screen. The plot was typical and formulaic, the kids loved it. A twist is added to this movie, it is the girl monster who is the strongest one and ultimately able to save everyone almost all by herself. The guys seem to be otherwise occupied. I found that to be humorous from an adult perspective.
The very best part of the movie though was in the beginning, the wedding is about to take place, the pre-monster bride is exclaiming about how excited she is to be honeymooning in Paris. The groom comes out to talk to her and informs her that there has been a change in plans, no honeymoon in Paris. Instead they will be relocating to Fresno, they live in Modesto, because he has some awesome job interview to pursue. Less then thrilled, the bride reluctantly agrees to continue with the ceremony. That is until she gets hit by a meteor and grows into a huge woman. So I digress, the best part was during this scene when I leaned over to my almost ten-year-old daughter and told her that if a guy ever did that to her on her wedding day that she should cancel the wedding immediately. I told her that there would never be any trip to Paris and the bride wouldn't have any of her dreams come true with that groom. Guess what? That's right, the groom turned out to be an arse, only out for his own gain, and she dumps him in the end and my daughter got to think that I was really smart for the day. A win-win situation all the way around.


Kristine said...

LOL! :-)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Mommy knows best ;)