Saturday, February 14, 2009

Party Love Songs

After creating my playlist, I included the songs that I listed on my previous post as well as a few others that I found on my ipod, I have now been able to make my categories:

Best Love Song: "Love and Affection" Joan Armatrading

Worst Love Song: "All Out of Love" Air Supply

"Earworm" Song: "You'll Never Find" Lou Rawls

"You'll Never Find" was not my earworm song until yesterday. I made a playlist, downloaded some songs, and burned a CD to take to the party. In this process "You'll Never Find" has become my "earworm" song. Nowadays it would be considered elevator music, but I grew up in the '70's and it was popular on the radio and on turntables across the country. I don't think of the elevator when my "earworm" gets going, I think of hearing that music on the school bus (yes, the drivers could pretty much play what they wanted to back then), eavesdropping on adult conversation, watching my parents get ready to go out for the evening while I got to look forward to staying home with one of my older cousins, watching singers wearing pastel tuxedos on T.V., riding in the car with my mom when she was mad at my dad (she always had the radio on at those times and she always seemed to take us kids when she went on these drives, I never have found out why), playing outside without supervision for hours on end (we lived on a few acres of land), or watching the older hippie kids around town and wondering what I would be like when I grew up. All in all, not bad memories. I think that I will keep my "earworm" song this Valentine's Day.

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Loud Larry said...

No better day to listen to;
No Valentines
Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin

No more valentines day
No more Christmas cards
I’ve thrown them all away
No more sequined stars
No birthday wishes
No more surprises
Who needs them anyway
No reason to get excited

Yes I gave you everything
I gave you earth and sky
And everything in between
That walks or crawls or flies
No Easter mornings
Its your cross now
Keep it all for yourself
Its overrated anyhow

But keep my valentine
Ill keep my bleeding heart
Just let me out of here
Before that sentimental music starts
And your regrets
Fall like empty lines
Like the lies we write on valentines