Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Songs for Valentines Day

We are going to a "potlove" party on Saturday night and we are supposed to provide some music, awards will be given for the following love song categories:

The Best Love Song of All Time
The Worst Love Song of All Time
An "Earworm" Love Song (one that you just can't get out of your head)

This is my list thus far, although I have not categorized these songs:

"Roses" Mary J. Blige
"Love and Affection" Joan Armatrading
"Silly Love Songs" and "My Love" Sir Paul McCartney and Wings
"You'll Never Find" Lou Rawls
"The Look of Love" Dusty Springfield
"Love you Madly" Cake
"Love will Keep us Together" Captain and Tenille
"Is this Love" White Snake
"I'm Still in Love with You" Al Green
"Baby I Love your Way" Peter Frampton
"Crazy Love" Brian McKnight
"Sweet Love" Anita Baker
"All out of Love" Air Supply
"The Look of Love" Diana Krull

While this is by no means a complete list, I am hoping that it will get me started. I think that I might just compile a "Love Song" playlist and let people vote. I will probably add "Girlfriend in a Coma" The Smiths, because that is more my type of love song.


Megs said...

i love that german word 'earworm'!
i like your list, and your musical taste in general. i think eric clapton's 'my darling, you look wonderful tonight' would be a good addition. and our dearly beloved mick could feature - let me see hmmmmmm ... one of the girls is having hysterics in the background ... i've become so good at blocking them out! oh, my message about the ski boots was from december - my father in law was going to buy me some for xmas, but when bens lost his job i sooooo wanted to keep our cleaner that i asked him to pay for her instead of the boots...
'as tears go by' is mick's song for valentines day - a song for all the lonely hearts out there!

enjoy your party - sounds so fun!
we're using up some tulalip comp points for dinner!

can't wait to see you sunday!
love meg

Moonaroo said...

I didn't include Mick in my line-up. "As Tears Go By" is a good one though. He isn't the first mucisician that comes to mind when I think of love songs. Actual "love" does not seem to be his forte. Today my kids are quiet and sneaky.