Thursday, February 12, 2009


Blogophile (plural blogophiles): A person who is fond of or obsessed with blogs or blogging. An obsessed person who fondles blogs or simulates blogging while in the shower.

Retrieved from "Nasty Habits and Their Insidious Seduction" By J. Jurgensen Author of “Been There, Done That, My Journey through the Mexican Penal System” Random House

Category: English nouns

A "concerned" friend of mine recently sent this to me, hmm..., maybe I am "obsessed," perhaps not as obsessed as others I have control over my addiction! Postnote, this is the same friend who recently asked me to help him set up his own blog. I wonder if he still wants my help???


Jeff said...

Help is a four letter word for indoctrination. Perhaps your friend took one too many sips of your Kool-Aid.

Secret said...

Not to worry. You have a very healthy relationship with your blog. Just keep it out of the shower. ;)

Megs said...

One of my pet peeves is people telling people they'
re obsessed with something! What the heck is wrong with a little obsessing? The alternative, in simplistic terms, is being catatonic. I'd prefer to be obsessed, personally. AND i love your blog Moonaroo!

I'd love to go with you some time! On a weekday - I get 2 more lesson days, but in honesty, the lesson was mediocre, the kind instructor who took me under his wing when I was freaking out on the mountain was MUCH better, and gave me a free 80 minute lesson! Thanks be to him!

I'm really glad you can come to my party! (That sounds so little girlish, doesn't it?) The twins' invite to E's party should arrive in the mail. I realised later that I should have sent one to each of them in separate envelopes.

Bens is off to a job interview!
My 2nd mammogram (10 boob squeezes later)report - the lump was just a lymph node - i was SOOO scared i had breast cancer.

love you and see you sunday,

Moonaroo said...

This is to Jeff, have I made you any Kool-Aid drinks lately?

Loud Larry said...

The cult of Ariel Rising is taking root.
Red Flag #1;
Some of your Blogfollowers don't seem open to tolerence of opinion.

Moonaroo said...

Loud Larry, why no profile...need help settin' it up do ya now.

Loud Larry said...

Provocative pose…nice shoulders
Provocative prose…too much information