Sunday, January 31, 2010

What is food and what isn't?

I heard this question proposed on the radio the other day while driving to work. It is part of a new government program that would tax non-food items. One of the defining features of "food" is that it contains flour. Therefore some candies will be taxed and others will not, funny huh? The guys on the radio really got into it. They said that the deli food at grocery stores must surely be taxed as deli food is a "luxury food" item and is prepared and served by others, almost like a resturaunt. They thought for sure that a whole chicken sold in the deli would be taxed. An employee from a local grocery store deli called into the show and informed them that whole deli chickens were not taxed, but fast food items such as corndogs, Chinese food, jojos and such were indeed taxed. The DJ's thought this in consistency was humorous and they concluded the following:

"If you can't eat it with your hands while driving and texting then it isn't taxed."

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Megs said...

it ain't food if it ain't got high fructose corn syrup in it!!!!!!

it will be lovely to talk soon!
i am having a party here for Coco tomorrow - the first Eldamar party! I have a feeling you and yours shall be at an Eldamar party down the road - like the party for Naomi when she visited us!!!!!!!!!

Love, always,