Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ideal Weight

Weight is a hot topic for most women and many men. I have noticed, however, that men don't get niggled about the weight thing as much as women unless they are obese. It is true that there is a time and season for everything, including weight. As a pregnant women, I was the heavier than I had ever been in my life. After having babies, my weight usually went down, but then I would pack on the pounds when nursing because I was always hungry. Suffice it to say, that in early middle age I no longer have a girlish figure. There is nothing wrong with that though, because I am no longer a girl. That doesn't mean that I don't feel like I have an ideal weight for me though. This ideal would be the weight that I feel most confident, am able to fit into clothes that I like, and do the activities that I enjoy.

For whatever reason I have been hearing and reading quite a bit about women and weight, mothers in particular, and comments like "why would you care about losing weight after a baby" or "it is superficial to care about losing weight" seem to abound. Well, just because one becomes a mother doesn't mean that they instantly lose their sense of self and are suddenly inhabited by their children. The fact that a woman wants to dress in decent clothes and have an active and healthy lifestyle unhindered by being over weight should never be considered superficial. It seems as though when a woman states that she wants to lose weight, people assume that it must be because she wants to look like Barbie. The weight debate then becomes another issue that can separate women and cause negativity about image to bloom.

This just shouldn't be the case. I know that this post seems a bit confusing, but I am trying to make the point that women shouldn't be niggled about weight loss. If you are uncomfortable at your current weight, can't wear the clothes that you like, and are hindered from activities that you enjoy, than work to lose those pounds and don't feel guilty. For every woman that does this, there will be another woman who is happy with herself being a bit heavier, a woman who has taken the trade-off and enjoys eating any food that they want without guilt and guilty they shouldn't be made to feel. I can't stress enough how much more helpful and positive this whole issue would be if there was more variety in the damn media that many of us try to avoid and if articles on how the latest star shed her baby pounds and now looks like she just emerged from the concentration camp diet shouldn't be allowed at all! Bring back the Dove ads, I for one appreciate and relate to the variety.


Kristine said...

There are lots of things I could say on this subject.
Women should be able to live their lives without constantly thinking about calories. Enjoy their meals, their ice cream, their wine... (And media doesn't help, that's true...) And, yes, I believe one has a "comfort zone", ideal weight, a place where, even if one doesn't fit the sick fashion criteria, one is fine with one's weight and shape - and calm about it.
I guess I don't know exactly where this comment is heading, but yes, - you have a point, several points!

Kristi said...

Totally agree!!!! I loved the Dove ads!

I personally have a weight loss goal in the new year just in order to feel more like myself...to gain some of my pre-baby confidence back and to be more healthy. After my first child and the weight shift that occurred in my body due to that magical period of my life, I no longer feel the need to be "barbie" thin like I used to. I'm ok to say goodbye to my younger "girly" figure as long as I'm at a place I'm happy with. My husband thinks I'm insane but supports me in my weight loss goals...which is of course why I love him.

Clearly I love this subject and tend to ramble! Sorry!!!!!