Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year, New Book

I don't know how new this book is, I am talking about Elizabeth Gilbert's latest, "Committed," which I have seen on bookshelves in almost every store that I have been in lately and that includes my local grocery store. My conclusion: Elizabeth Gilbert has too much time on her hands. I dimly enjoyed "Eat, Pray, Love." The part I didn't ever understand happened at the beginning and that was when she left her husband. So she fell out of love or something like that. Truly, based on her description of things, the marriage didn't seem that bad, certainly savable if one were so inclined. It seemed as though Ms. Gilbert found taking a year out of her life to spend a lot of money on going around the world in order to "find herself" more alluring. In those travels she did, it seem, meet Mr. Right. They apparently had a great relationship because they decided not to get married. Then they had to get married or they wouldn't have a country to live in and this sparked the seed for the latest book on how to elevate self-centered behavior onto a pedestal, "Committed." Unless, someone who's opinion I really respect tells me that this is a must read, I think that I will pass on Gilbert's latest monument to self proclaimed achievement.


Kristine said...

With all the good books I never will get around to read, it is always helpful to know which ones I could pass :-)

Kristi said...

Wow..this book seems depressing and self involved to me. I get enough of that from day to day and certainly don't need to read about it...I agree!

Thanks for sharing!

Megs said...

Hello lovely Karen!
I am reading John Irving's 'Until I Find You'!
The only problem is it is huge, and so weighs my bag down when I'm riding the streetcar. It's good!
Can't wait to read your novel(s)!
Off to decide what to do with the chicken breast for dinner!
love meg