Friday, January 22, 2010

Remembering to Breathe

One of the things that I have learned from the few yoga classes that I have taken recently is to breathe. This sounds simple enough, but when I pause and think about it, I realize that I probably only breathe with about half of my lung capacity most of the time. One of the reasons that yoga poses are so challenging for me is because I need to think about how I am breathing while I hold the pose.

This weekend we have been invited to join a long-standing group at their annual winter camp. We have never been to this camp and only know one family of participants (the ones who invited us) the trip requires preparation in terms of food and winter clothing for all of us and I am not a person who likes to be caught unprepared. I also don't like to have to rely on others should we forget something important. As we are snowmobiled into this camp, we will not have car access for a couple of days. I have been forgetting to breathe all day. Only now, when I am really thinking about it do I pause and stop for three deep breathes. There, that is so much better.

I hope that this weekend turns out to be fun and relaxing. Now if my husband would only get home from work early like he said that he would we could go and get started!


Megs said...

i hope it is really fun Karen!
i just did some yoga on the beach.
and then came home to my loud, irritating family and got all stressed out and forgot to breathe again!!!!!

Jana and Tim went to a similar (perhaps the same!) snow camp years ago and loved it. you are there right now, and i hope you are all having a fabbo time!

can you believe it's just 4 months since our fun,rainy camping trip at the ocean/

much love,

Kristine said...

Thank you for the reminder. I often forget to breathe, and I know how healthy it is to focus on it, breathe with your stomach!
Hope your weekend is wonderful and relaxing!