Sunday, August 10, 2008

What's up with Affairs?

Maybe it is the books that I am choosing to read lately (the characters are always cheating), but I just don't get "affairs." I am going to take the woman's perspective here because that is what I am and I don't really know what men think in this area well, because I am not a man. So, with that said, it seems that most affairs take place when a woman is close to or at middle age. I don't understand it, isn't one man enough work for them? I know that it is for me. I guess I could see it with someone young, really good looking, and unattached (of course even than scenario is full of complications), but to cheat with another married person who may also have children just seems like more complication than it could ever be worth. Another factor is cost. Not only does the whole thing seem emotionally draining, it is expensive to cheat. Great for people who have piles of "funny money" to do what they want, but how do the more common people justify the additional expense? I will cheat, and my husband does know this, with any of the following three people should they come knocking on my door: 1) Mick Jagger 2) Lenny Kravitz and 3) Steven Tyler. Since that is not likely to happen, it looks like I will just have to be content with channeling my time and emotional energry into the one that I am with.

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