Friday, August 22, 2008

Deep Thoughts

Random thoughts from my thought bubble. Usually things that go through my mind when I am stopped at a red light, weeding in the yard, staring out the window, or listening to a political candidate.
1) Why do stupid people keep breeding?
2) Why isn't my car equipped with a "splat gun" so that I could "splat" bad drivers
3) Yes, there is such a thing as a stupid question
4) Why do so many lead singers kill themselves from a drug overdose?
5) Why is it so easy to make something wrong and so hard to make it right?
6) What are we going to do when our landfills are all filled up?
7) Why do people waste time being racist?
8) Why can't I be a nicer person?
9) Where will all of the criminals go when our prisons are full?
10) Why don't helpful gadgets make my life any easier?

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