Monday, May 4, 2009

Love Actually

Alas! I am in the throes of yeat another busy day and I am lazy about writing these days so I really wanted to do a video post today. When I set out to do a video post it is usually something very specific and today was not any different. What I wanted to appear on my blog was the introduction to the movie Love Actually. I wanted to show the beginning scene where travellers are meeting at Heathrow Airport and everyone is embracing and well wishing. Unfortunately that scene does not seem to be available for downloading. I found a British version and a Portuguese version. The British version could not be downloaded in this country (United States) and the Portuguese version had the embedding disabled. Now this is frustrating as this post really deserves a visual. Sans visual, I will write that this is my favorite movie introduction and seeing it gives me the faith in humanity that I sometimes lack. I don't mean to be a cynic, but so much garbage happens out there in the world everyday that it is easy to lose sight of those ties that bind us to one another here on earth and sometimes I need to be reminded of that. Today I will think, love actually and maybe try to practice a little love instead of cynicism.

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