Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just For Today...

Just for today... I solemnly pledge to do the following...hopefully...

...Cut down on my carb intake (Megs, you are a true inspiration here)
...Just don't swear at stupid drivers (is "stupid" a swear word? I thought not)...even, if only in my mind (I usually have kids in the car, so it is not often that I swear outloud)
...One glass of wine can be enough (unless it is really super good!)
...I can write for an hour a day (on my organzied weeks I do this)
...Feel good about myself when I walk by a mirror (OMG! where do the wrinkles come from and what is the deal with my midsection!)
...Use positive discipline techniques with my children (although I try and try yelling just doesn't work even though I did it just now. I have been up from the computer to run interference between my kids six times since I started writing this little post and I wonder why I can never get anything done!)
...Think more and talk less
...Go to bed when I am tired (hey! what a concept!)
...Learn how to do something new

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