Sunday, May 31, 2009

Costume Shop Not in the Know

This may seem like a very silly little thing to blog about, but it is bothering me and so now I need to go and write it down. Yesterday, I went into a local costume shop. My daughter, who is nine years of age, is doing a dance in her school talent show to "Dancing Queen" by ABBA. A very light (as in small) and gay (as in just that) and young (although he didn't look too awfully young) man in a combat uniform, altered to look more like a uniform that one would wear while dancing on a catwalk, bounced up to greet me and ask what we might need. I told him that we needed an ABBA type costume for my daughter who is going to be doing a dance to "Dancing Queen" and "yes" my daughter and her friend were both standing with me in said costume shop. "Oh, I don't know if I can help you with that," he said dismissively waving his hand in a loose jointed wrist motion with fanning fingers, "That is way before my time," this was said with a haughty, French like blast of laughter. I proceeded to ask him if he had seen "Mamma Mia." He told me that he had not ( I guess that movie must have been before his time...hmm...maybe his time is only up to and not before yesterday?) I was surprised, most people have at least heard of if not seen "Mamma Mia" and are thus aware that the movie features a great deal of (O.K., ALL and is clearly not a movie before young man's time) ABBA music.

At this time, a young woman approximately the same age as the man who had been helping me and dressed in a Barbieschoolgirlmeetsgoth outfit came up and blurted loudly and a bit gleefully, "ABBA, that is so cool, like in Mamma Mia!" May little gay friend turned on his heel and strutted off, sniff in the air, while I actually proceeded to get some help from this nice young woman who must live way before her time.

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Mommy to Chumsy said...

ROTFL! So what's in his time then? I hope you managed to find a lovely costume for your daughter :) Coincidently, I just watched mamma mia last night...after having the dvd for so many months. Didn't enjoy it that much but the songs are great :D