Thursday, January 29, 2009

Local Coffee Haunt Closing...Update

This is a little thing and as I just said in another blog, I need to quit worrying about these things, but like a glass (or a few) of wine on the weekend, I NEED my morning coffee. I can't seem to make it strong enough at home, not like Carla could at any rate. Carla made a delectable iced coffee to which I am solidly addicted year 'round.

I have been sick for the last three days. Two days ago I didn't even get out of bed until I had to pick my children up from school. When I got up and tried to put something presentable on, I realized that I needed coffee and I was too damn sick to make it myself. Let me preface this by saying that, for better of for worse, I live in a neighborhood where people generally look nice when they go out in public. Because my coffee place is closed, I am now on this sick day forced to go to Tully's where all of the pretty people congregate like bikini clad beach beauties around a resort swimming pool.

It is 2:00 in the afternoon, I am thinking that I can scuttle in to Tully's and back out and nobody will notice that I am wearing pajama bottoms (a teenage habit that I do, on a good day, despise) and creaky old Birkenstocks with uncombed hair, sleep encrusted face, and dog bad breath. The good thing is that there was nobody that I actually knew in Tully's, there was, however, a plethora of beautiful people-all of whom I hope to never see again. This may be asking too much as it is mostly folks from the neighborhood who hang out there.

I go to all of this effort, looking like something the cat drug in to boot, and the coffee is not good. My drink wasn't made correctly and it was expensive. It was a whole dollar more than what I am used to paying and it wasn't even good. This sucks!

At this point I realize that I am either going to have to break my addictive habit or get used to drinking the bad coffee that I make at home. Until then I am going to bitch and moan about my favorite little neighborhood place closing down until it is out of my system.

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