Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In Search of a Midnight Kiss

I saw this great IFC film last night, "In Search of Midnight Kiss." It is a about a young man, recently split from a longtime girlfriend and lonely in L.A. He is rooming with a buddy and the buddy's girlfriend (uncomfortable even in the best of circumstances). This guy, Wilson, is all caught up in trying to find a date for New Year's Eve. Dateless and destitute (he lost most of his belongings and a script that he had completed while moving to L.A.), he goes on Craig's List as a misanthrope who needs a date.

He finds a very unique gal on his first try. When he goes to meet her, she announces that she has several "meet and greets" set up and that she should know whether she wants to spend more time with him or not in the first five minutes (a great strategy that I would have used had on-line dating not been in it's early infancy stages when I was last single). There is only one guy after him. She ushers him off to another seat and has like a two minute introduction with this new old, divorced dude and decides he's no good. She dismisses old dude and calls Wilson back.

They proceed to have an adventure filled evening. Full of surprise and unexpected behavior. What I loved most about this movie is that so much of it was dialogue with only two people and it kept my interest for the whole 97 minutes. That's it, dialogue, two people, wandering L.A. on New Year's eve. The young woman, although jaded at first, does warm up and show a life that is heartbreaking and intricate. The young man ends in longing for what he will probably not have and life goes on. If I have the time, I will see this one again.

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