Friday, October 3, 2008

Favorite Season

It is October, my favorite month. It is Fall, my favorite season. I love it when the air changes and the leaves change. Everything starts again, though we are half-way or more through the year, things still seem "new" during this season. I looked on-line for quotes and poetry to depict my feelings about this month, but came up empty handed. For the most part quotes and poems seem to be limited to the century before last and quite sappy at that. So I have decided to make a list of what I like best about this season:

1) Brightly colored leaves in different hues of the same color pattern
2) Orange pumpkins, collected early and later carved into jack-o-lanterns
3) Witches, ghosts, black cats, haunted houses, and everything Halloween
4) Trying to cook using fresh pumpkin (some things are actually quite good)
5) Darkness gathering early
6) Mist on the spider webs in the morning
7) Fog and dew and dew and fog
8) Making soup
9) Watching movies (the Fall releases are superior to summer)
10) Re-discovering how to wear warm clothes

So maybe this list makes me sound sappy like 19th century poetry. What isn't on the list and can't really be captured in words, at least not for me this early in the morning, it the Fall "feeling." It's change. I used to think that I wouldn't embrace change, now I expect it. Fall gets me used to expecting more of it each year.

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snowflake said...

That's beautiful! Fall is my favorite season too! I love pumpkins - the fact that people everywhere find something so round beautiful brings me joy!