Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Word about Shopping...

I really hate it. Today, for example, I had thirty minutes (typical for me) to find a black sweater. Challenging to do at this time of year for sure, but I was expecting a good sale. I was able to dodge in and out of about four stores in my alloted time. No black sweaters anywhere, not even on the sale racks. I tried on a few things that were close to my goal (coming close to my goal and compromise is something that I often have to do when I go shopping for myself). I must have been delusional to think that anything would actually be in my size. I tried on my size and everytime it was too tight and tiny in the same area ( I won't call is a problem area, because I think the sizing and not the way women are built is what constitutes the "problem"). So, I moved up a size and found myself swimming in the garmet. Apparantly in womens fashion moving up a size in clothing for the top half of the body involves lengthing the arms to gorilla size and making the shoulders wide enough for football pads to fit underneath. In fact I am not sure what governs sizing in womens clothing? It is a question that I often ask myself as my true size doesn't seem to exist in type of clothing. I see clothes that I would like, they are usually housed in stores where the sizing is more proportional to a Polly Pocket or a Barbie than a woman. I don't want to be a fashion maven, I just want jeans that fit, blouses that button (and stay buttoned) where they should, and waist sizes that are proportional to the thigh and butt sizes of what I would say is a typical woman.

I do have to say that Target has been the best place that I have found so far in terms of fit and price for women's clothing. The only problem being quality over the long term (clothes are usually good for about a season). Instead of spending money on a sweater today, I came home and downloaded a new album onto my ipod. That was much more satisfying.

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