Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jane Porter Book Signing

Last night I went to a post book signing gathering at Oobas for Jane Porter. She is promoting her newest book, Mrs. Perfect. Jane is a local writer and writes fun, light, romantic, and somewhat humorous fiction for women. I am always taken aback when reading her books because many of the places and people are so familiar to me. Being from the West Coast, I am used to reading books that take place in bigger areas, usually back East or L.A. Southern California is not the same "West Coast" as the Pacific Northerwest, but I can save that comparison for a later blog entry. Check out Jane's website at

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Peter said...

I really enjoy books that make the location an important part of the story rather than just a "setting". Eventhough I might not have been to these places I really get a feel for them by the way the authors make their cities as much a part of the story as the characters. I love that.

I'm currently reading a book that does just that in the Miami area. Perhaps you've heard of it, Landmark Status by Alan Rolnick. It's a little Elmore Leonard and a little Carl Hiaasen in that it's snappy and sharp but carries a social message as well.