Friday, February 12, 2010

Tattoo Me

This is something that I think about every so often. Usually when I have a milestone birthday coming up, I think about taking the plunge and getting inked. Some tattoos are absolutely beautiful. Sleeves or the full body thing or anything on the face or head doesn't really set well with me. But then I would never consider doing that to my body, some people feel compelled to do this for whatever reason. I do not honestly know what I would tattoo on myself and I also don't know where I would tattoo it if I did. If I go to the time, expense, and effort then I think that I would want my tattoo to show. I would need to hide it at work, so it couldn't be in too showy of a place. The ankle comes to mind, but I have heard that can be painful. I guess getting a tattoo anywhere would probably be painful, but maybe less so on a fatty vs. bony area. Then I have to think about what I would indelibly put on myself and this is where is gets hard. I frankly just have too many diverse interests and I don't have an overriding interest or love that sails above everything else in such a way that I would want it to be permanently marked on me. I guess, for now, I will have to continue thinking. Of course, there is no reason that I have to get tattooed, I just keep thinking that maybe it would be something cool to do...sometime.


Scheyenne Zigzag said...

I only wear tattoos on Second Life. Last summer on the beach I saw a guy who looked like a comic book. I kept trying to get close to him to see what he had scribbled onto himself, but it was difficult to do without looking suspicious. His wife was equally scribbled, an I couldn;t approach her either. Very frustrating. I think the next fad will be writing on people with spray cans.

Megs said...

this post brings me back to the wonderful world of John Irving's 'until i find you'. i accompanied my brother when he got his tattoo, and it really really looked like it hurt a lot... which decided me against, though i love your train of fancy karen and look forward to seeing your tatt one day! love meg