Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Makings of a Perfect Gin Martini

I am not a huge fan of gin. When ordering martinis I usually prefer vodka. Several months ago a friend of mine introduced me to this delightful brand of gin and it is the only brand that I willprobably ever drink. I had a couple of martinis made with Hendricks tonight with some co-workers, a great experience and no headache in the morning-Hendricks is too smooth for that.


Jake said...

Sounds Cool. I love Hendrick's too. Doesn't really taste like gin at all, more like cucumber vodka! Mmmm!
Bah to the gin fascists!

Andi said...

Well thats probably because you haven't tried good gins before. Congratulations! I would say that now you are no longer a 'gin virgin' you try some of the other great new gins. I love Martin Miller's myself. It has all the softness and subtlety of Hendrick's but without the strong cucumber flavour which I feel is not appropriate in a good martini.

Moonaroo said...

I have not tried good gins before. I have tried good vodkas. Now I have officially lost my virGINity.