Sunday, August 23, 2009

Other Movies

I recently re-watched Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal." My kids and I attended a Jim Henson exhibit at Experience Music Project (EMP) and this got me re-interested in Jim Henson and the kids more interested in him. With that in mind, we rented "Labyrinth" and "The Dark Crystal" this weekend. I watched "The Dark Crystal" late last night when I couldn't sleep, yes I did have a glass or two of wine, but I couldn't help but reflecting on the similarities between the male gelfing and Steven Tyler and the female gelfing and Charlie Watts. Look at the picture comparisons. Maybe it was just late at night or too much wine, but the similarities, with younger rock stars, were there nonetheless. I checked out a couple of other sources on-line. The writers had similar opinions to mine. Was Jim Henson "Rolling Stones" and "Aerosmith" fan, or is this just coincidence???

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Megs said...

good ol' Charlie!