Sunday, November 23, 2008

Falling Holiday Economy

The economy is seriously bleak. I don't know why this is affecting me the way that it is. My job is fairly secure at this time and so is my husband's. I think that it must be the "air." I just got an e-mail listing stores who are either closing or filing chapter 11. The e-mail was a warning to not buy gift cards for these stores as they may not be redeemable after the holidays. I also visited a blog site and the blogger had posted a photo of a sign on a restaurant letting people know that they were trying not to raise their prices during these difficult economic times.

This time that we are in is hard on some families. It is also hard on organizations that rely on charitable giving in order to provide services. The Internet is full of ideas on how to save over the holidays and how to make gift giving more economical. This certainly won't help the retail industry although it will help the consumer. This season is traditionally one of warmth and giving, it is tainted by hardness this year. Although I do know families who are having a difficult go of it, I also know families that are completely unaffected, dining out, shopping, and planning expensive vacations throughout the year. I guess that they are the lucky ones.

My family is in the middle. Things aren't bad, but they could be better, and they may definitely get worse before the year is out. I know that this country has great hopes in our new leader and I hope that he is up for the task. Big jobs await, getting the economy back on track, getting our troops out of Iraq.

Today is a glorious Fall day. A perfect day to be outside enjoying what may be the last of the nice weather. The bad economy forces us to take note of the little things, free joys and simple pleasures and in this season of Thanksgiving, being thankful for all that we have.

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