Monday, September 22, 2008

Morning People

The world is dedicated to morning people. I am not a morning person. Over the years I have had to force myself to adopt to the routine of morning people. They are, after all, the ones that are in charge. If I don't adapt, I am called "lazy." Yes, I am lazy in the mornings. I am also cranky in the mornings. My hatred of mornings has fueled my caffeine addiction in order to make me more tolerable.

What would be wrong with a different sort of world? The world in two shifts. One for the early risers and one for the later risers. Both groups could enjoy success on their own time frames. I write this as I am recovering from one of the many colds I am sure that I will contract this season. I am not being a pessimist, but in my middle age it is a known fact that I get sick, sicker, and sickest when the school year starts and I am once again forced to adapt to the time frame of those PEOPLE.

The world would be a better place for me if I could work until nine or ten, come home and unwind, and start again the next day at the crack of nine or ten. It would be ideal if there were no social consequences for this. I would be happier and consistently healthier. I would be willing to bet that I would not be the only one. With the world working in shifts, most stores could afford to be open 24hours. The economy would probably do better, not worse if night owls were given there place in it.

Until utopia is deposited by magic on my doorstep, I will nurse my cold and sludge through my cranky AM demeanor with healthy doses of caffeine and blame those damn morning people through all of my scowling.

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