Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer Fun

We went to the Forest Theater on the Kitsap Peninsula today for Father's Day. This is an outdoor theater and performances are given once to twice a year by the Mountaineer's Players. Today's performance was "Beauty and the Beast." The costumes were fabulous, the singing was average, and the weather was beautiful. We have had quite a run of rain and nasty weather here lately in Seattle, so this was a real blessing. Afterwards all of the kids hiked around the theater and played in the creek. All in all a pretty fantastic day. Learn more about the Forest Theater at If you live out of state and are visiting this area in May-June and enjoy plays this is a really unique experience. They have been doing productions since 1923. The environment is very family friendly.


snowflake said...

SOunds like an awesome theatre. Is it family friendly? My children love to go... My youngest wants to be a ballerina... Glad you are enjoying your summer so far.

Moonaroo said...

This theater is very family friendly. The productions are pretty low-key, but good quality. Thanks for your updated book list on Cafe Moms. Great recommendations.