Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Music Reviews

I have a thought running through my head today and it just won't go away. I am going to follow it to completion by posting it on my blog. I am fed up with music reviewers, at least those that write reviews for the Seattle Times and The Seattle Post Intelligencer. Why all of the unnecessary comments regarding the age of the musicians or their burgeoning waistlines? Why all of the criticisms of the age of the fan base? I would love to ask one of these reviews if they plan to attend shows after turning thirty. The worst criticism that I read was of Exene Cervenka. After putting on a truly rockin' show at the Showbox, she was subjected to reviews of her weight gain by a local reviewer in the Seattle Times. Totally unnecessary, her weight wasn't even noticeable to me because her talent was superb and that hasn't changed in thrity years. This same idiot went on to comment about John Doe's age. Again as if! It just goes to show that even in the punk arena we as a culture can't seem to curb our obssession with appearance and then write about it as if that is all that matters. It is truly sad to see well written critiques of music take a back seat to talentless, celluloid journalism.

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