Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Voices

The other night parents at my children's elementary school were treated to the annual talent show. The talent show has become something of legend in our school community. No act is turned away, as long as they get their permission form in on time, acts must be performed within the time limits of 30 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds, and best of all, no lip sync is allowed! My kids have been jumping in to perform dances, skits, class songs, etc. for several years now. Out of the 60 something acts presented, we can always be sure that at least 3 of them will present with some actual talent. The rest is all about getting up there and having the courage to perform on stage in front of your classmates and their parents.

This year, there was a surprise at the end of the talent show in the form of a new vocalist, Lucy Horton. A video clip was shown of Lucy singing at the school talent show 11 years ago when she was in first grade. After the clip, she came out and treated the audience to a performance of one of the singles on her new CD. Lucy graduates from high school this year. I don't know what her post-high school plans are, but I really like her voice, and what a great thing for the future generation to aspire to!

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Megs said...

now i begin to understand my parents' clapping early in our performances! i thought we were SO talented and amazing... which eowyn and coco ARE, but only for so long can one endure... what a good idea to max the show at 90 seconds!

Megs said...

Karen darling, I have just had a lovely woman from school for tea, who has Jess, Eowyn's age, and twins Holly and Georgia, just younger than Coco - I told her about you, and some of the things she said reminded me of you. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!

The word verification is 'nottings' - a sign that one day we shall be together in notting hill??!!!