Friday, April 23, 2010

Golf Swing Rules for Women

Next time that I go golfing, I am going to try very hard to remember this little poem. I don't know the origin, my friend Julie passed it on to me and it sounds, based on my experience, like good advice.

1) Brush the grass
2) Lower your ass
3) Shoulder to chin
4) Pussy to pin

If I am able to accomplish all four rules, especially the last one, and smack the ball over 200 yards I will be very happy.


Kacey said...

Very cute, Karen! :) From Kacey

Megs said...

i'm trying to work out what the pin is i'm 'sposed to put my pussy to when golfing!

THAT must have been why I was rubbish at golf last time! I didn't know the adage about The Pussy and The Pin!

Love you Karen!

See you in TWO WEEKS!