Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeling Grown Up

Although I am chronologically an adult, often I feel like an older adolescent or very young adult at heart. When I look in the mirror I realize that this is not true. Sometimes after pausing to look at myself closely, I have to ask myself the inevitable, self-examining question that I am sure most adults ask of themselves at least once in a lifetime, "What have I done with my life?'

Today I did a very grown up thing and bought a ticket to a rather large fundraising luncheon to take place here in my small home city next month. The organization, PACE, is raising funds to build a large performing arts center here where I live. Initially I decided to purchase a ticket and go because a friend of mine is hosting a table and invited me.

Then I had another one of those moments in the mirror and realized that maybe I should find out more about this organization and see if I might want to get involved. It turns out that I could really get behind this organization. When I was younger, I always thought that I would be more of a hands-on person, doing the labor with the people so to speak. Now I am thinking that maybe I might be a bit more interested in getting involved from the fundraising end and getting experience in a more adult role. some point I might actually even join a board.


Kristine said...

I know about that feeling, getting a glimpse in the mirror and going; "Oh, so that's who I am now..." When I taught 16-year-olds (three years ago), I sort of had the feeling that I wasn't that much older then them. 16 wasn't that long ago, was it?.. Well, they let me know that from their point of view, I was OLD, in the same category as their parents.

Megs said...

Oh Karen, I know just what you mean! My current TV show addiction is Caprica, and I love the character Amanda Graystone. I assumed her to be a good 10 years older than me, having a teenager and all, and looked up the actress to find, to my horror, she is a year YOUNGER than me!

I am proud of you for your philanthropic aspirations!

And I can't wait to see you! Oh, could you please pass on to Toniann the info for the Friday night pies 'n pints get together? I wanted to invite her and dont have her new email! Thanks! love you!!