Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kneading Bread Dough and Holiday Traditions

When I first started this blog, I promised myself that it wouldn't become a "homemaking blog" although it is difficult for me to avoid homemaking altogether as I have three young children. So consider this a therapy post rather than a homemaking post.

It is that time of year again, the one where we get ready to celebrate Santa Lucia. This is one of the only holiday traditions that our family has carried over from my Swedish ancestors. This celebration includes the making of Lucia buns. Of course I could probably buy something similar to Lucia buns or we could just have jam and toast, but I started making them a few years back and found that I rather enjoyed the process.

Yesterday was a long day. I had a hair appointment and have determined that I just don't have the time to sit around getting my haircut by someone else. Perhaps it is time that I learned to do it myself. This set the whole day behind. We went to see Santa Claus and the line was long. My kids have pretty much started to not believe in Santa anymore, this whole process is more about me taking them to have their picture taken. In the end they had fun, I just wonder how many more years I will be able to drag them out to get their perfect Santa picture. There was a twenty-one-year-old in line ahead of us with her mother. She was giving her mother one last Santa picture, so this gave me hope!

Now back to bread dough! Last night I made up the dough for the Lucia buns and started kneading it. Once I started, I found that I didn't want to stop. My hands were a mess, but the feel of the soft dough, rolling it rhythmically back and forth and pushing it down at each turn was somehow therapeutic for me, I found that I started to actually relax. This got me to thinking about how the pioneer women must have made it through difficult times without support. Maybe kneading bread dough was part of what helped them through a difficult life. Maybe there are some other household tasks that have this same effect, but I haven't found them yet. In the meantime, during this busy holiday season, maybe I will have to find more time to knead.


Megs said...

lovely Karen, I love kneading too!
i miss you!
we are not really getting too xmas-y thus far, rather overwhelmed with finding a place etc.
hugs to you

Kristi said...

Maybe I need to take up "kneading" this holiday season as well! I can totally understand how that could be relaxing and reading your post made me want to run to my kitchen and start my holiday baking!

I still have to take my son to see Santa Clause and I keep postponing because I'm nervous about his reaction - he is almost two (a few weeks away) and I have a feeling there will be some ear piercing screaming involved and some parent humiliation! Wish me luck!


Moonaroo said...


Good luck to you and the Santa Claus visit. Also, good luck with your holiday baking.

Moonaroo said...

We are getting rather holiday-ish around here as it is hard not to. I can understand how finding a place would be time consuming. If you can't find one, does that mean you would have to move back here? Loves, Loves, and more Loves, K

Megs said...

loves to you dearest Karen!!!
i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i watched Julie and Julia on the plane as you liked it, and i liked it so much!
i wish that the 12 days of leaving hadn't ended. We all miss you all sooooo much!

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