Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why Hurry Christmas?

It's that time of year again, Halloween is barely over, Thanksgiving isn't even here, and the decorations and Christmas music are in full force all over town. Why does Thanksgiving have to be rushed every year? Can't we take even a moment in our hurried and harried society to pause and give thanks? This year, as with every other, it seems as though Thanksgiving is a mere stopping place, a touch point really, on the way to the full scale mania of materialism at Christmas.

As I went about my errands today, I tried to stop my ears against the Christmas songs blaring in all of the stores, I tried to ignore the shelves upon shelves of Christmas decorations and advertising for Christmas gifts, and I even attempted to shut out Christmas items that were already ON SALE! How's that for effort? I do hate to hurry Thanksgiving. I love Halloween, all of that candy and no relatives, and I love Christmas-just not so soon. I will continue to "shut out" the Christmas frenzy and not get wrapped up in it the best that I can until Thanksgiving weekend is over. It is going to be awfully hard to do though if I go out in public at all.


Megs said...

i especially think it's sad that xmas is already the focus when thanksgiving is so every-religion-ish, and everyoneish, whilst xmas is only for some. i think it would be good to make all the fuss over thanksgiving. i like thanksgiving

Megs said...

My current facebook status: Megan Ann Jones Ady is crying. My dear friend Karen is at the store, icing in hand, fixing the cake herself, just so that Eowyn's name will be spelled correctly. YOU ARE WONDERFUL KAREN!!!! Oooooooh ... and you are not on facebook!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!