Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trying to Eeek out the Last Bit O' Summer

We had a wonderful camping weekend here at this little State Park. What a great place! And to think that I had never heard of it before. When I attempted to fill the group site that I had reserved here a couple of months ago, I was under the impression that Labor Day weekend would be nice and sunny. It usually is, has been for years, it seems. Not this year. Our small, but wonderful and very dedicated group, camped bravely through two nights of rain and wind. Yesterday was sunny and we enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach only to be beset with on and off showers throughout the evening which led into a torrential downpour as we were wrapping up the campfire. As tempting as it was to risk it and spend a third night, on again, off again morning showers convinced us that it was better to pack up our soggy shelters and enjoy a day doing indoor activities around the coast and head home towards night. That way we would all feel like we got a full extra day. We did. Now everyone is tired. Our wet gear is hanging in the laundry room, our tent is set up drying in our yard, and now I get to enjoy being in my own bed without the fear that my shelter may blow down upon me. Happy Labor Day.

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Megs said...

it was lovely - thank you so much for organising the weekend Karen! it was lovely being community together.

we saw the rainbow on the way home too!

i have a phone job interview, but they are 12 minutes late calling me and i am a bit cross.

love you