Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Cards

I like to send Christmas cards. As I was addressing our cards the other day I was thinking about how much work I could save myself if I just switched to an e-card and let everyone know electronically how our family was doing. My Christmas cards don't offer a whole lot of detail, usually a greeting and updated photo of the kids. But there is a reason that I don't want to do this electronically, it is because I like to get cards and I like to send them. I am old enough to remember when e-mail and text messaging were not the primary modes of communication between people who were long distance from one another. I remember actually receiving letters in the mail, letters that sometimes I even got around to answering. Nowadays all that I receive in the mail are a few bills (those that aren't electronic) and junk mail. It seems as though there is never anything nice. Even event invitations are typically sent through evite and not paper invitation. I get excited when I actually see something in the mailbox that looks personal, someone took the time to send it via snail mail. I think that it means something. Even though my cards may not say a lot, they are a way to say "hello, " in a way that people may not be using at all fifty years from now. It is personal and means something for me to send it. I only hope that getting those cards in the mail every year means something for the receivers of those greetings as well.

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chickeepu said...

It does for me! I love getting your Christmas cards, and hope to actually send one too this year, for the first time in quite a few. I am lame-o, and can't ever get my sh__ together enough to do them. Can't wait for mine in the mail:)